Hello everyone, In this video, I’m going to share my hair care routine along with some secret tips I use to boost my hair growth, maintain its health and also how one can keep their mane a head above the rest.

•Tips that helped my hair care routine.
1. Easy on chemicals.
2. Oil your hair before hair wash.
3. Hot napkin technique.
4. DIY hair mask.
5. No wet brushing or tying wet hair.
6. Trimming your hair regularly.
7. Using silk pillow covers.
8. Healthy diet.

I hope this video was helpful.

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Time Codes

0:00 – intro
1:19 – Tips #1 No use of chemical
2:10 – Tips #2 Oiling secert
4:48 – Tips #3 Hair mask
5:36 – Tips #4 Using no heat products
6:33 – Tips #5 Tieing your hair loss
7:17 – Tips #6 Trimming hairs
7:52 – Tips #7 Using Pillow Covers
8:40 – Tips #8 Diet

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